Yoga, Cacao and Sound — An evening of raw cacao, yoga flow and healing sounds

In this ceremony we are combining the powerful medicines of cacao, yoga and sound. 


In the first part Inanna will guide us through meditation and cleansing breath work to prepare ourselves and then we will embark on a free flow yoga journey that is focussing on the heart chakra.


In the second part Siti will weave a web of shamanic healing sounds through singing, playing drums and guitar, leading us into a state of deep relaxation, to explore what comes to the surface. 


Siti will lead the cacao ritual, gifting us with the opportunity to invite the heart-opening magic of this sacred plant into our lives. We will set our intentions and then let the cacao spirit take us on a journey within. 


The ceremony consists of: 

Energetic cleansing and intention setting 

Drinking of Raw Cacao 

Guided meditation and breath work 

Heart Chakra Yoga Flow 

Sound healing 



Through the power of ritual and ceremony we can invite more connection, inspiration and creativity into our lives. You will be leaving feeling deeply relaxed, connected and recharged. 


Please eat lightly that day, avoiding dairy, caffeine and alcohol and wear comfortable clothes.

There will be tea and water as well as fresh fruit for after the ceremony. 



22. September 17:00 – 19:30



30,00 Euro



Inanna und Siti


Anmeldung oder direkt online buchen



Siti kommt aus Indonesien. Sie hat früh bemerkt, dass sie die Gabe besitzt, mit Klängen zu heilen. Ihre Inspiration und Kraftquelle ist die Natur. Siti singt, spielt Gitarre und schamanische Trommel. Mit ihrer Musik begleitet sie weltweit Kakao Zeremonien und Yoga Retreats. Ihre Vision ist es durch Klänge die Verbindung zu uns selbst und zur Natur wieder zu erwecken und so Heilung zu bringen. Klänge und Vibration können unsere Seele wieder in Balance bringen und uns mit unserem höheren Selbst verbinden. 


Siti is from Indonesia. She realised at an early age that she has the gift of healing through sound. The source for her inspiration lies in deeply connecting with mother nature. Siti sings medicine songs, plays guitar as well as shamanic drums. With her music that she refers to as channelled ancient tribal she supports cacao ceremonies and yoga retreats around the world. It is her vision to heal people through sound and vibration, enabling them to reconnect with their higher Self.  



Inanna kam vor über 12 Jahren das erste Mal mit Yoga in Kontakt. Und was damals als heiße, flüchtige Affäre begann ist mittlerweile eine feste, stabile Beziehung geworden, ohne die sie sich ihr Leben nicht mehr vorstellen kann. 

Sie ist als E-RYT200 und RYT 500 bei der Yoga Alliance zertifiziert und unterrichtet Hatha- und Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Berlin, auf Retreats and Festivals. Sie liebt es immer neue Wege zu entdecken, wie sich aus Yoga, Atem und Bewegung ganzheitliche Erlebnisse kreieren lassen. 


Inanna first came in contact with yoga 12 years ago and what started of as casual affair has become a strong, stable relationship without which she cannot imagine her life anymore.  Inanna is a Berlin based Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher. She is registered as E-RYT200 and RYT500 with Yoga Alliance. 


Inanna loves travelling and exploring new ways of connecting yoga, breath and movement for creating holistic experiences. Every Yoga class is also a ceremony in which you are celebrating yourself and your uniqueness.