Tai Chi

Our modern Lives are increasingly becoming evermore overstretched with work, family commitments, leisure activities,house keeping etc.... the list goes on.


Even with rapid technological advances, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to fulfill what's expected of us. A prolonged hectic and stress ridden life as we commonly see leads not only to physical exhaustion but also to mental fatigue.


Tai chi and Chi Gung offers in some part solutions to help man manage our daily lives, enabling the practitioner to focus clearer, improve physical well-being, reduce stress and anxiety,release aches and pains and much more, helping to bring balance and order to our lives.

Chi Gung has been widely practiced in the East for thousands of years and is increasing in popularity in the western world, making use of simple to learn exercises that can be easily incorporated into our daily routines, with benefits that are immediately noticeable.

Chi Gung exercises also form the bedrock from which Tai Chi generates its popularity as a health and Martial Art.


The graceful slow moving forms seen in Tai Chi create fluidity and coordination in the Body and stillness in motion within the mind. With use of fine motor skills and internal mechanics Tai Chi embeds into the Practitioner improved posture, balance and seamless flow, which can help enrich any other form of physical practice. 



30,00 Euro




14:00- 16:30 Uhr






Kontakt@yogibar.de oder direkt online buchen:

 Jamie Cope has over 25 years experience in Tai Chi, Chi Gung and other related internal arts and has been taught by some of the worlds leading authorities in these subjects.



Jamie teaches in an open friendly manner and his aim is to impart practical knowledge for participating students to use in every day life. 


The workshop will be performed in english.