Akrobatik Yoga


This Workshop will be in english (german translation is possible)


Join Pedro Arruda and Jen Gonzalez Lopez for a day of fun and body awareness through the practice of AcroYoga.

The workshop will contain two components: Solar and Lunar practice.

Be open to learn new concepts and movements, go upside down and most important laugh and have fun!

Focus of the workshop:
Getting comfortable with the foundations of AcroYoga and experience the playfulness behind it.  

Since this workshop is for a basic level, no previous requirements are necessary. Just a bit of body awareness and wish to play.

About the teachers:
Pedro is a certified Yoga and Acroyoga teacher. He is born in The Azores islands and after living in many European countries he decided to have his home based in Berlin where he spreads his wings teaching classes, workshops, and retreats worldwide.

Jen is a certified Yoga and FeetUp teacher. She is born in Spain and lives in Berlin, Germany since 2006. She teacher regular classes in the Yogibar as well as workshops and retreats worldwide. Acroyoga has also become a regular practice since last year.




09.12.2017, Samstag, 14:00 - 16:30 Uhr 



29 Euro 


Anmeldung unter: Kontakt@yogibar.de